Things That Can Ruin Your New Tattoo

We know by now that a new tattoo, still in its healing phase, is when it is its most vulnerable. All the hard work that went into it can go down the drain if your tattoo is not properly cared for. And the right care comes with some preventative practices to avoid encouraging infection in your new ink.

From over moisturising the tattoo, sleeping with a fresh, or doing things that can lead to tattoo infections, these are absolute no-no's. Read on!

Doing things that can cause tattoo infections

Tattoo infections are common causes of a design getting messed up. Worst case scenario, it can even lead to a host of harmful health issues. That's why avoiding things that can lead to infections are crucial in caring for your tat.

Some causes of tattoo infection include contaminated ink, improper hygiene during the inking process, and bad tattoo aftercare. For the last part, this can range from picking at the scabs and exposing the tattoo to germs, or doing activities that lead to excessive sweating. Avoid all of these to lower the risk of tattoo infections, and the healing process should be A-OK!

Over moisturising a tattoo

While moisturising and cleaning a tattoo is a must in tattoo aftercare, there's such a thing as an over moisturised tattoo. When this happens, water gets trapped between the ink and the lotion, causing infections and scabs to arise as a result. Too much moisture can also lead to clogged skin and bacteria growth, making the healing process much longer and more painful.

To avoid over moisturising a new tattoo, limit the application to just twice a day every morning and evening. Make sure to use an effective remedy cream like ours at Ink Nurse so the new tat is properly hydrated and healthy.

Sleeping with a fresh tattoo

Fresh tattoos are prone to getting ruined by sleeping. Keep the piece exposed while catching your Z's to avoid possible infections from any lingering germs in the bed. If you know you're a restless sleeper who moves around a lot, use a clean towel to lay down on instead of directly on the sheets.

Keeping your fresh tattoo covered for too long

Think of your tattoo as a wound on the skin. All wounds need exposure to heal, which is why keeping a fresh tattoo covered for too long isn't ideal. It's good to keep a new tattoo covered initially - and most artists can cover your tattoo with a bandage or wrap to protect it from dirt and contaminants. After a few hours though, once the blood and plasma leaks out completely, the wrap needs to be removed to let the tattoo and skin breathe.

Exposing the tattoo to sunlight

While we did say to keep your tattoo exposed for it to heal, it doesn't mean we encourage leaving it unprotected to the sunlight. It can damage your fresh ink and also feel like hell when it burns. So wear clothes that cover the new piece or stay out of the sun as much as possible. Remember to use sunblock AROUND it (not on it - this is important!) as applying directly to a new tattoo will encourage infection. But once it heals, sunblock can actually help keep your tattoo looking bright and fresh.

Wearing clothes that are too tight

Remember our tip above about wearing clothes to protect your tattoo from the sun? Well, do that, but make sure your clothes aren't too tight. Otherwise, your tattoo won't be able to breathe and heal quickly. Tighter clothing also means getting sweatier, which can cause infections if it gets into an open wound (your tat).

Not being mindful of your tattoo getting wet

Contrary to popular belief, your tattoo can survive getting wet a little - emphasis on “little”. Showering with a new tattoo is fine after removing the wrap. That being said, try to minimise the time spent in the shower, and skip scrubbing the tattooed area for now. Avoid letting it be hit directly by water as well. Lastly, as much as it feels so amazing to treat yourself to a nice warm bath, soaking an open wound exposes your tattoo to bacteria and increases the likelihood of infection.

As for swimming, it's typically recommended not to while it's still healing. The chemicals and nasty bacteria in the pool can cause infections, irritation, and faded ink. But if you really don't have a choice, cover it first with a waterproof bandage or dressing. As soon as you get out of the pool, remove and rinse properly, before applying the Ink Nurse remedy cream on it.

Remembering all these things can be a chore at first, but you'll thank yourself later when your tat heals nicely and comes out looking amazing. Just remember to do the proper tattoo aftercare with our remedy cream from and your new ink should look even better in no time.