Jason Taylor (Founder of Ink Nurse) Interviews Jodie from Bode Burnout

JT) Hello Jodie it’s a pleasure to interview you today, how are you feeling?

BB) Hey Jason thanks for having me. I’m feeling okay today so that’s a plus, how are you?

 JT) I’m wonderful thank you. Now I’m sure you have been asked multiple times why you started your account but just out of curiosity did you ever expect it to gain the amount of interest it has?

BB) When I started writing and drawing, I was hoping people would relate to it, so I didn’t feel so isolated in my feelings. Having people like my work and enjoy it gave me courage to do more. I never expected to relate to as many people as I have.

 JT) Do you have any areas that you try to avoid or tend to steer clear of when producing your art?

BB) I don’t necessarily steer clear of things, but it becomes really stressful creating art and then also wondering if it will be taken the wrong way by people and will I have to deal with having to explain it etc. Sometimes there are things I want to scream onto paper but avoid because I don’t need the extra anxiety.

 JT) Yeah, fuck that huh, nobody needs that. Do you have a favourite thing to draw or write about?

BB) No not really but I tend to be funnier when I’m angrier so that’s GR8.

 JT) Yeah, I can attest to that lol. Have you had people tattoo your work on them? How does that make you feel?

BB) Yeah, I have had a lot of people tattoo my stuff on them and it feels really cool to know that someone likes something you created, so much so, that they tattoo it on their skin. Unless they are like me and don’t care what they have tattooed on them haha.

JT) What’s the shittiest tattoo you have?

BB) I think it’s a competition between my stick and poke lockdown home job kookaburra and some twirly dumb thing on my other arm.

JT) So how is the TV project coming along? The Proof of Concept was awesome! (YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE)

BB) Thanks so much. Honestly don’t have an outcome or ETA for it but can only hope it turns into something fun for everyone to enjoy. It’s definitely a goal I want to achieve.

JT) Where do you envision the future of Bode Burnout? Do you have any other goals you would love to reach and achieve?

BB) I’m not too sure to be honest haha - But I really like writing and I‘d love to create a poetry book.

JT) Any advice for other artists starting out?

BB) Make art for you, not for other people.

JT) Artists to keep an eye on? Who tickles your fancy with their work at the moment?

BB) JEFF MAHANNAH is so fucking funny. See more of @JEFFMAHANNAH HERE.


JT) Thanks so much for your time Jodie! Was a pleasure!

BB) As always babe.

You can view more from Jodie on her website - BODEBURNOUT.COM

And of course, the infamous BODEBURNOUT INSTAGRAM 

That's it for another instalment of the Ink Nurse Spotlight Series. The goal behind this project is to shine a spotlight on local artists, extended members of the Ink Nurse Family, up and coming artists, showcase talent and even introduce you to big name artist's that don't often get a chance to have a casual, informal chat like we do in this format. 

Thank You - Jason Taylor

Ink Nurse Founder + CEO